Business Licensing

Most businesses are required to comply with business license and permit requirements that differ across all jurisdictions. One jurisdiction may require many licenses in order for an entity to conduct business in that location. The type of license and the requirements are dependent on the activity the business will perform as well as its’ geographic location.

The consequences of missed or expired business licenses can be severe. Premier Corporate Services takes a three phase approach to ensure your business complies with all requirements and remains in compliance.


Premier Corporate Services will research your licensing compliance requirements based on your business purpose and geographic location. A report of this information is collected into our client portal that contains:

  • an overview of the licenses, permits, and tax registration required;
  • detailed information on the license fee with each application and the state
  • entity that collects the fee; the form(s), license(s), permit(s) and tax registration application(s)—and associated documents.


Premier Corporate Services will file all form(s), license(s), permit(s) and tax registration application(s)—and associated documents in the appropriate jurisdictions. In addition, Premier Corporate Services will:

  • determine application requirements and prepare the applications;
  • file the documents, and, if necessary, advance the filing fee to the proper filing authorities;
  • verify that the licenses are accepted;
  • coordinate with you to resolve issues or rejections by the filing authority.


Premier Corporate Services continues to work with you once you obtain all relevant business licenses to ensure each entity remains in compliance going forward. We use an innovative entity tracking and compliance technology that provides Premier Corporate Services and your company with reminders regarding renewal deadlines. As a client of Premier Corporate Services, you will have secure 24/7 online access to all of your entity and license information.

Premier Corporate Services