Document Retrieval

Premier Corporate Services conducts UCC, Litigation, and Bankruptcy searches and provides Corporate Document Retrieval services for many of the international law firms in the United States. Our commitment to technology and our network of field agents afford us the ability to provide these services quickly, accurately and reliably.We have expanded our offerings, at the request of our client base, to include Court Document Retrieval.

With the technology and network in place, our competitive pricing model for Court Document Retrieval follows the model we successfully created for the UCC and corporate services business lines.

In order to offer you the most competitive rates and to simplify the invoicing process for your firm, we are pleased to offer a flat rate pricing plan for these services based on the number of documents requested and the number of jurisdictions searched.


  • per jurisdiction/per name for non-archive searches
  • per jurisdiction/per name for archive searches
  • per page copy cost


  • per court/per name for non-archive searches
  • per court/per name for archive searches
  • per page copy cost

We can obtain documents from courts in all 50 states and offer a superior turn-around time on all requests.

Premier Corporate Services does not charge a research fee, hourly fee, or any additional fees for internal copies, fax, or phone calls. As a value added service, we will upload any and all retrieved documents to our secure client portal as well as email these documents in PDF form directly to you at no additional cost.

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