UCC Searches and Filings

In a time when accuracy and efficiency for your projects is critical and our state and local agencies are responding to the financial crisis with furlough days and cutbacks, you need a service provider that produces fast and precise results. Our streamlined process and superior customer service lead to the most relevant results. We developed a system that offers a customized and consultative approach to your Uniform Commercial Code (UCC) and lien due diligence projects.

Premier Corporate Services provides UCC Article 9 and lien search services to the legal, corporate, and financial communities nationwide. Our account teams and network of correspondents manage projects from UCC Financing Statement preparation through to the reflective search. Premier Corporate Services supplements your UCC requirements with corporate services to ensure the exact entity name is searched, your organization ID numbers are correct, and any supporting documentation you require is obtained quickly.


  • UCC, Tax Lien, Judgment Lien Searches
  • Corporate Retrieval in support of due diligence: Corporate name verification, good standing certificates and charter documents.
  • UCC Filing (preparation services available)
  • UCC “Search to Reflect”: Ensure your filling was properly indexed by the filing office by searching after the acknowledgment is returned.


  • Co-op lien searches
  • Fixture filing and Fixture lien searches
  • Federal and State Tax Lien searches
  • Pending litigation and judgment searches
  • Bankruptcy searches
  • Real property services
  • Customized and on-demand invoicing
  • Abstract of results for managing large projects


Premier Corporate Services has invested in a secure web-based Client Portal that allows our clients to track all current and past orders, uploaded evidence, and invoices. We house all acknowledgments and search results in a quick and easy searchable system so you can manage your historical data for use on future projects.

Premier Corporate Services