Registered Agent Services

Premier Corporate Services offers comprehensive and accurate Registered Agent Services for all types of entities nationwide.


Premier Corporate Services is dedicated to offering all levels of corporate retrieval and filing services in support of providing the most critical aspect of Registered Agent representation. Our experienced corporate customer service team:

  • assists with the formation of any new business entities
  • establishes your entity with Premier Corporate Services as your official registered agent, simply and easily
  • converts any established entities and assists with all necessary forms
  • steps required to change your representation to Premier Corporate Services


Premier Corporate Services uses an innovative entity tracking technology that ties into most of the State databases. You will receive up-to-date information on the status of your entities including the filing status, the current registered agent, as well as all available officer and director information.

Our clients have access to an entity management system where you can:

  • keep track of compliance events using the compliance calendar
  • view and/or store your corporate documents from anywhere
  • track all business license renewals
  • track your forwarded mail


Premier Corporate Services understands the value of quick, reliable and accurate service. We built a dedicated registered agent team with a commitment to provide these services at a competitive price.

Premier Corporate Services